West Haverstraw, New Home for the Special Olympics Athletes

Super-storm Sandy did lots of damages including the longtime home of Special Olympics Athletes. The Nanuet Family Resource Center’s gymnasium on the Convent Road in Nanuet was the longtime home of the Special Olympics Athletes. Organizers and performers were ready to start the league on November but after the damage done by Sandy the date had to change. With numerous supporters and performers Special Olympics Floor Hockey League started last week in West Haverstraw.

In the starting night crowd cheered with joy and excitement. According to the organizers, “This is very, very important to them, this is a big part of their lives.” When the competition date and venues were all set up seven teams signed up for the league. But unfortunately, nature betrayed them and they had to move from their longtime home.

After the storm the volunteers and organizers searched for the suitable alternative suitable places where the Olympics can take place. Also the performers and their family members lend a hand in searching. After a tiresome month of searching they find the West Haverstraw gymnasium where the league can be arranged.

Thought the schedule of the village’s gym was all set but West Haverstraw Village Trustee Robert D’Amelio and the city Mayor came in handy. They made everything possible. With their prior help and support the organizers finally find one place to organize the event.

The board members of the gym were so excited and happy to arrange the event in there. The whole thing was done only in 24 hours. After the confirmation from the gym officials the organizers started planning the game schedule and first game has already been played last week. The athletes performing in the event are so happy with their supportive nature and appreciated their deed.