Stay Away From Drug Abuse: WADA

Drug abuse in athletics is pretty much common in recent past but those days are gone for long I assume. WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) is taking this dope issues very seriously. As a matter of fact they are thinking of punishing the culprits severely. For that reason WADA proposed to increase suspension from two years to four years. This decision has a formidable reason, so that drug cheats can be kept out at least for one Olympics.

The speech of John Fahey, the President of WADA is pretty much clear against doping. He said there is an overwhelming amount of support for the sanction to be strengthened for use of human growth hormone, steroids and other serious doping substances and methods.

But this proposal is facing some protest also by some sport bodies and athletes. They previously have challenged four-year relegation in court as too harsh and a restraint of trade. But WADA president believes it will stand up in court and WADA took good legal advice on the issue. To back up the proposal of four year suspensions, WADA decided not to attach the IOC’s proposal of a specific ban for the Olympics.

Working principle of these drugs is pretty amazing and quite affective. It boosts your energy for a short period of time with brilliant results. These drugs increases blood flow, therefore physiologist construct an derivation by which they consider it possible that improved cardiac output and more efficient transport of oxygenated fuel to the muscles could improve athletic performance.

The spirit of athletics can’t be sacrificed for doping. Therefore this cause should be taken pretty seriously and rightly so WADA is doing exactly that. We always want to enjoy the play in a fair way and in a competitive spirit but certainly not with drug abuse.