Racism in Kamloops City Indo-Canadian Soccer Tournament!

Indo-Canadian Soccer Tournament will be held in this weekend in City of Kamloops. Unfortunately a race related sports issue has made its way in this competition. Young boy’s soccer team the under-13 B.C. Tigers of the United Summer Soccer Association has been banned from this tournament because of several import players. The news got the attention of whole nation and people are shocked on this turn of event.

Indo-Canadian Soccer Tournament allows not more than four non Indo Canadian players in any under -13 soccer team but the Tigers have seven import players. When an opposition coach filed a complaint to the organizers they banned Tigers from a recent tournament final.

Onkar Gill one of the organizers of this tournament mentioned they have same rule and that’s why they declared Tigers ineligible for this competition. Debbie Christiansen, father of a Tiger player is unhappy about this rule. According to him, ““Our whole team, even our Indo-Canadian players and their parents, were flabbergasted. What sort of message does this send to our kids? Not a very good one, I don’t think. What about tolerance and respect?”

Import players rules aren’t being applied only on this tournament. In Christian Soccer League, they allowed only a certain number of non church attending players. But executive director of .C. Civil Rights Association David Eby questioned about this rule and requested to review and change the code.

Kamloops City’s sport development and business operations manager doesn’t want to go any contradiction with the organizers. The organizers should deal with the issue and if they want to keep this rule alive that’s their decision to make. The city sports council will work for the best treat to the guest players and make sure they will come back to play again in tournament capital.