Kamloops Sports Council: Friends, Neighbors, Advisers for Local Athletes

City of Kamloops is one of the best touring places for sports lovers. Every year, thousands of visitors visit this city of Canada for sports and athletics. Kamloops is really preferable for hosting sports event or tournaments. For supporting local sports groups and placed them with the important government personals Kamloops city features a sports council known as Kamloops Sports Council. To inform about latest news and user group issues, city appoints a staff person in this council.

Kamloops Sports Council aims to involve the local sport community. Sports Council cordially develops new ways sports and enhances opportunity for local athletes. To participate in various tournaments Sports Council membership is needed. Kamloops city funds the Sports Council for the responsibility and encouragement to the upcoming athletes.

For best output Kamloops Sports Council runs on several rules and plays important role on:

• Sports Council organizes various sports events and tournaments for the benefit of greater Kamloops area. To support competitive and recreation sports in Kamloops, KSC provides every assistance needed along with organizing the events.
• To maintain and support local athletes achieving their goals Sports Council works on informing, coordinating and advising with various levels of provincial, national and other governments personals.
• Kamloops City Sports Council provides a forum for discussing on various sports related topics.
• Sports Council plays important role on maintaining relationship between members or individuals on competitive and recreational sports groups.
• KSC sustains a role as an advocate groups within Kamloops and gets involve in competitive and recreations sports pursuits.

Kamloops City Sports Council always works on local athlete’s development and improvement. On 2nd Tuesday of every month a general meeting takes place in City Hall Public Boardroom to discuss about upcoming work strategy, ways things going and future plans.