Kamloops Athlete won World Senior Softball Game at 72 year!

In average a person who is 70 years old mostly can do is sitting in a rocking chair, knitting or whittling life away. But is it the only way to spend the last days of your life? Kamloops athlete changed the whole scenario about age and sport. This city is the play ground of many sports personals. They spent most of their time in sporting, hiking, playing or competing. Even when they’re passing their elder years they stay fit and do the same.

For the elder persons who lost their hope and resting, Armstrong a 72 year old softball player can be inspiration. This athlete of Kamloops has competed in the World Senior Softball competition and the team successfully won the gold medal. The competition held at St. Georges, Utah last month.

Softball is one of the most injury inducing games. Armstrong is playing this notoriously dangerous game for over straight 41 years without having any major problems. From the very begging she dreamed of playing at the World Competition. After a long tiresome journey her dream came true.

Armstrong was recruited by a team from Vancouver to compete at this year’s B.C. Senior Games in Burnaby. This competition is like the gathering place for elder players. “There are ladies even older than me in our league,” said Armstrong. “One lady that’s our pitcher and she’s going to be 80 in January.”

Don’t get fooled by their age and don’t even think these women play a slower paced game. Of course the players are bunch of old ladies but anyone will get surprised by seeing them actually playing. They can really pick a ball, they’ve got good arm to throw the ball and they can run.

Armstrong can be the inspiring figure for all of us. She got the opportunity to fulfill her dream at 72 year and she did it successfully. If we be enough dedicated and have faith in us, we’ll also be able to reach our destination.