Indian Paralympic Athletes Revealed the Dishonesty of PCI

In 2012 Paralympic Indian athletes are left to all by themselves in the Olympic village. The officials of the Olympic committee has given the special athletes coaches and escorts no chance to get in the village, rather they are enjoying vacation and comfort in the village and left these special athletes to fend them all by themselves.

Most of the participants of the Indian team are highly dissatisfied by the selfish and careless behavior of Indian officials. A wheelchair athlete cannot fulfill all of his basic needs by himself. That’s why Olympic committee gives the opportunity for escorts in the village. But Indian officials, without caring about the game or athletes are comforting in the village.

Farman Basha, an Indian wheelchair powerlifter won bronze medal at the Guangzhou Asian Games last year have finished fifth of this year’s Paralympic. 168kg is the best she can do but in this competition she only did 150kg. Without fulfilling basic needs how can they win or performing she was wondering.

Paralympic Committee of India submitted 10 special athletes, five escorts and six coaches in 2012 Paralympic team list. But it’s a real disgrace only two of five escorts have got the daily entry passes in the Olympic village. Performers are claiming they couldn’t even try to do their best in the competition. Sharath M Gayakwad finished ninth in 100m butterfly event didn’t get his coach John Christopher by his side.

Paralympic games are organized to show respect to the special athletes and let their heads lift high. This disrespectful did from Indian Paralympic Committee officials have ruined the main goal of whole thing. Though Indian Sport is never devoid from controversies but to these special athletes, it’s a real shame for Indian officials, stuffs and management system.