Dylan Armstrong of Kamloops May Get Olympic Medal After All

Dylan Armstrong, Canadian shot put star, says that he is not surprised to see his competitor Andrei Mikhnevich (he who edged Dylan out for the bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics 2008) has been caught doping in the re-test of samples taken in 2005.

Depending on the punishment, Armstrong could get the bronze medal which he missed by the length of a finger nail. In the Olympics 2008, Mikhnevich threw 21.05 meters while Dylan threw 21.04 meter.

Two Russian athletes and three other athletes from Belarus, including two hammer throwers and a female shot putter also showed positive tests from the samples taken in the 2005 world track and field championship in Helsinki, the IAAF announced Friday.

“I’m not shocked. Belarus, that’s probably all you have got to know” Armstrong said in an interview from his home in Phoenix. “It’s a bit different mentality, ridiculous actually. These guys are doping for every major championships. The caught those throwers all the time. It’s a mess over there.”

Mikhnevich already had a two-year ban, so positive test may result ban in a lifetime. However, IAAF did not mention what substances were found in the test and what punishment there will be.

“Undoubtedly, there is doping going on. Where I come from and how I was brought up, you play clean, it’s about fair play. I have always been by that, stuck by that” said Armstrong. There are many precedents for Armstrong being awarded the bronze if Mikhnevich is stripped out of this medal.

“It’s early to comment on that, but really it’s not the most rewarding way to receive a medal. Nothing can replace that Olympic moment having your friends, family, coaches and sponsors there, people who could have celebrated with real enjoyment. They simply didn’t get that to happen” Armstrong said with sadness.