Medical Service and Doping Control

Medical Service and Doping Control

Medical Service

All competition sites will have first aid medical staff in attendance. The Ambulance Providers are fully trained in first aid and provide peace of mind to organizers and participants at events in and around the Kamloops area.

On-site at the Tournament Capital Center is Sage Sport Institute, a medical/physio cente, active in sport medicine and eager to work with the Host Organizing Committee in providing the best medical services possible.

Hospital facility and is a 5 minute drive from the Tournament Capital Center. There are also walk-in medical clinics 5 minutes away.

The Lounge, located on the ground floor of the Tournament Capital Center, will be an ideal site for massage therapy, or any athlete treatment wishing to be provided. The Lounge is just off the Field house floor and looks out onto the track and jumps area. It is set up with power and can be easily turned into a private area ideal for administering athlete treatment.

The medical service is free of charge. However, it will be the participant’s responsibility to pay for any
additional specialized services including ambulance, emergency room and medical specialist
consultation, hospitalization, surgery, medical procedures, laboratory, x-rays or special studies and
physical therapy treatments.
All participants are responsible to pay for all hospital and medical treatment and doctor prescribed
drugs beyond the first aid in the immediate competition area.

WMA Anti-Doping Control
The attention of WMA athletes is drawn to the fact that WMA observes strictly the IAAF Anti-Doping Rules and Code as governed by the WADA Code. Athletes competing in any WMA Championships events, by their signature to the entry form, acknowledge that they are fully bound by these Rules and Codes and any applicable prevailing Anti-Doping legislation in the Country hosting these Championships.

This means that a medical certificate explaining the use by an athlete of a prohibited substance, even for sound medical reasons, will not avail in the event of an athlete testing positive to a prohibited substance. The only exception is if the athlete is in possession of a Therapeutic Use Certificate (“TUE”) issued to him/her either by the WMA Medical Officer or the assigned body provided for in IAAF Rule 34(5).

Failure on the part of the athlete to produce a valid TUE after testing positive to a prohibited substance may well render the athlete liable to being suspended from competition and forfeiting any awards received, if found guilty of committing a doping offence at a hearing pursuant to the provisions of the Disciplinary Procedures as prescribed in the IAAF Competition Rule 38 as read with Rules 39 and 40, alternatively in the WADA Anti-Doping Code or the Anti-Doping Code of the host Country.

For athletes wishing to apply for a TUE to the WMA Medical Officer, must submit written applications to this officer at least six weeks prior to the commencement of the Championships. In the absence of the entry form specifying the name and address of the designated Medical Officer, applications are to be submitted to the Chairman of the WMA Anti-Doping and Medical Committee.

All such applications are to be fully supported by medical documentation setting out the existing medical condition/s and the need for the use of the prohibited substance. The provisions of IAAF Rule 34(5) must be followed irrespective of to whomever the athlete submits the TUE application.