Dylan Armstrong of Kamloops May Get Olympic Medal After All

Dylan Armstrong, Canadian shot put star, says that he is not surprised to see his competitor Andrei Mikhnevich (he who edged Dylan out for the bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics 2008) has been caught doping in the re-test of samples taken in 2005.

Depending on the punishment, Armstrong could get the bronze medal which he missed by the length of a finger nail. In the Olympics 2008, Mikhnevich threw 21.05 meters while Dylan threw 21.04 meter.

Two Russian athletes and three other athletes from Belarus, including two hammer throwers and a female shot putter also showed positive tests from the samples taken in the 2005 world track and field championship in Helsinki, the IAAF announced Friday.

“I’m not shocked. Belarus, that’s probably all you have got to know” Armstrong said in an interview from his home in Phoenix. “It’s a bit different mentality, ridiculous actually. These guys are doping for every major championships. The caught those throwers all the time. It’s a mess over there.”

Mikhnevich already had a two-year ban, so positive test may result ban in a lifetime. However, IAAF did not mention what substances were found in the test and what punishment there will be.

“Undoubtedly, there is doping going on. Where I come from and how I was brought up, you play clean, it’s about fair play. I have always been by that, stuck by that” said Armstrong. There are many precedents for Armstrong being awarded the bronze if Mikhnevich is stripped out of this medal.

“It’s early to comment on that, but really it’s not the most rewarding way to receive a medal. Nothing can replace that Olympic moment having your friends, family, coaches and sponsors there, people who could have celebrated with real enjoyment. They simply didn’t get that to happen” Armstrong said with sadness.

An Evening at Two River Junction

Kamloops has been very popular among the tourists and there are many reasons behind this popularity. The city itself is very beautiful plus it hosts so many sports tournaments in a year. In fact, the city of Kamloops is well known as the tournament capital of Canada. If you want to watch beauties of nature as well as want to have a taste of sporty events, then there is no other place better than Kamloops. Anyway, in this article, I am going to tell about Two River Junction.

If you want to spend a perfect evening feel with joy, then visit Two River Junction because this is one of the best ways to spend your evening. The dinner theatre is tons of fun with a cast of great characters and local history mixed classic tunes.

The junction was introduced to complement the rocky mountaineer train passes Kamloops from April to October in every year. Many of guest pour through Kamloops and some of them spend their evening in learning a little of the local history.

Once you’ve arrived to TRJ, you will be greeted by very well-dressed hosts and servers. You have a opportunity to meet your table mates, order wine and head for the delicious buffet. Once dinner is done, the show gets underway and runs for an hour. It includes audience involvement, so try to sit close to the stage.

All about the evening at Two River Junction is really great. The only downside is the cost of ticket that holds $40 per person, making the evening a little expensive. However, if you are willing to spend that small amount, trust me this is going to be a real fun. It is really worth your time and money.

West Haverstraw, New Home for the Special Olympics Athletes

Super-storm Sandy did lots of damages including the longtime home of Special Olympics Athletes. The Nanuet Family Resource Center’s gymnasium on the Convent Road in Nanuet was the longtime home of the Special Olympics Athletes. Organizers and performers were ready to start the league on November but after the damage done by Sandy the date had to change. With numerous supporters and performers Special Olympics Floor Hockey League started last week in West Haverstraw.

In the starting night crowd cheered with joy and excitement. According to the organizers, “This is very, very important to them, this is a big part of their lives.” When the competition date and venues were all set up seven teams signed up for the league. But unfortunately, nature betrayed them and they had to move from their longtime home.

After the storm the volunteers and organizers searched for the suitable alternative suitable places where the Olympics can take place. Also the performers and their family members lend a hand in searching. After a tiresome month of searching they find the West Haverstraw gymnasium where the league can be arranged.

Thought the schedule of the village’s gym was all set but West Haverstraw Village Trustee Robert D’Amelio and the city Mayor came in handy. They made everything possible. With their prior help and support the organizers finally find one place to organize the event.

The board members of the gym were so excited and happy to arrange the event in there. The whole thing was done only in 24 hours. After the confirmation from the gym officials the organizers started planning the game schedule and first game has already been played last week. The athletes performing in the event are so happy with their supportive nature and appreciated their deed.

Kamloops Athlete won World Senior Softball Game at 72 year!

In average a person who is 70 years old mostly can do is sitting in a rocking chair, knitting or whittling life away. But is it the only way to spend the last days of your life? Kamloops athlete changed the whole scenario about age and sport. This city is the play ground of many sports personals. They spent most of their time in sporting, hiking, playing or competing. Even when they’re passing their elder years they stay fit and do the same.

For the elder persons who lost their hope and resting, Armstrong a 72 year old softball player can be inspiration. This athlete of Kamloops has competed in the World Senior Softball competition and the team successfully won the gold medal. The competition held at St. Georges, Utah last month.

Softball is one of the most injury inducing games. Armstrong is playing this notoriously dangerous game for over straight 41 years without having any major problems. From the very begging she dreamed of playing at the World Competition. After a long tiresome journey her dream came true.

Armstrong was recruited by a team from Vancouver to compete at this year’s B.C. Senior Games in Burnaby. This competition is like the gathering place for elder players. “There are ladies even older than me in our league,” said Armstrong. “One lady that’s our pitcher and she’s going to be 80 in January.”

Don’t get fooled by their age and don’t even think these women play a slower paced game. Of course the players are bunch of old ladies but anyone will get surprised by seeing them actually playing. They can really pick a ball, they’ve got good arm to throw the ball and they can run.

Armstrong can be the inspiring figure for all of us. She got the opportunity to fulfill her dream at 72 year and she did it successfully. If we be enough dedicated and have faith in us, we’ll also be able to reach our destination.

Stay Away From Drug Abuse: WADA

Drug abuse in athletics is pretty much common in recent past but those days are gone for long I assume. WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) is taking this dope issues very seriously. As a matter of fact they are thinking of punishing the culprits severely. For that reason WADA proposed to increase suspension from two years to four years. This decision has a formidable reason, so that drug cheats can be kept out at least for one Olympics.

The speech of John Fahey, the President of WADA is pretty much clear against doping. He said there is an overwhelming amount of support for the sanction to be strengthened for use of human growth hormone, steroids and other serious doping substances and methods.

But this proposal is facing some protest also by some sport bodies and athletes. They previously have challenged four-year relegation in court as too harsh and a restraint of trade. But WADA president believes it will stand up in court and WADA took good legal advice on the issue. To back up the proposal of four year suspensions, WADA decided not to attach the IOC’s proposal of a specific ban for the Olympics.

Working principle of these drugs is pretty amazing and quite affective. It boosts your energy for a short period of time with brilliant results. These drugs increases blood flow, therefore physiologist construct an derivation by which they consider it possible that improved cardiac output and more efficient transport of oxygenated fuel to the muscles could improve athletic performance.

The spirit of athletics can’t be sacrificed for doping. Therefore this cause should be taken pretty seriously and rightly so WADA is doing exactly that. We always want to enjoy the play in a fair way and in a competitive spirit but certainly not with drug abuse.

Host Sports Event in Amazing Kamloops City

Canada’s one of the great choices for visitors is the City of Kamloops especially for those who love both travelling and sports. Numerous people come here every year for travelling and sport so the Sport Tourism has become one of the top economic sources for the people of the city. If you’re one sports lover this is your city.

For the amazing scope City of Kamloops is known as the sport capital of Canada. It is the perfect place to host several sporting tournaments because of its excellent accommodation capabilities, location and affordability. From the Youth Soccer Slurpee Cup to the international Bantam Ice Hockey Tournament the city hosts a variety of one time and annual sporting events. Kamloops has been synonymous with strong athletic showings, a knowledgeable and enthusiastic volunteer base, first class events and a variety range of outstanding venues. Because of this city’s amazing sporting scope it is not difficult to find a sporting attraction or event at anytime of a year. Whether visitors wish to enjoy outdoor football games, exciting hockey game or many other exciting sports, Kamloops won’t disappoint.

If you want to host any sports event you’ll find so many experienced high-level officials and volunteers, and numerous first-class facilities. No wonder Kamloops is the top choice to host sporting events and this is why sport tourism has been a great economic strength for years. You’ll find it interesting after knowing that the Tournament Capital Program is one of the main objectives in the strategic plan of the City of Kamloops. With an investment of close to $50 million, it is a proven place for hosting events and tournaments. For the sport lovers and travelers the City of Kamloops is definitely the right place to end up with for hosting their events.

Racism in Kamloops City Indo-Canadian Soccer Tournament!

Indo-Canadian Soccer Tournament will be held in this weekend in City of Kamloops. Unfortunately a race related sports issue has made its way in this competition. Young boy’s soccer team the under-13 B.C. Tigers of the United Summer Soccer Association has been banned from this tournament because of several import players. The news got the attention of whole nation and people are shocked on this turn of event.

Indo-Canadian Soccer Tournament allows not more than four non Indo Canadian players in any under -13 soccer team but the Tigers have seven import players. When an opposition coach filed a complaint to the organizers they banned Tigers from a recent tournament final.

Onkar Gill one of the organizers of this tournament mentioned they have same rule and that’s why they declared Tigers ineligible for this competition. Debbie Christiansen, father of a Tiger player is unhappy about this rule. According to him, ““Our whole team, even our Indo-Canadian players and their parents, were flabbergasted. What sort of message does this send to our kids? Not a very good one, I don’t think. What about tolerance and respect?”

Import players rules aren’t being applied only on this tournament. In Christian Soccer League, they allowed only a certain number of non church attending players. But executive director of .C. Civil Rights Association David Eby questioned about this rule and requested to review and change the code.

Kamloops City’s sport development and business operations manager doesn’t want to go any contradiction with the organizers. The organizers should deal with the issue and if they want to keep this rule alive that’s their decision to make. The city sports council will work for the best treat to the guest players and make sure they will come back to play again in tournament capital.

Indian Paralympic Athletes Revealed the Dishonesty of PCI

In 2012 Paralympic Indian athletes are left to all by themselves in the Olympic village. The officials of the Olympic committee has given the special athletes coaches and escorts no chance to get in the village, rather they are enjoying vacation and comfort in the village and left these special athletes to fend them all by themselves.

Most of the participants of the Indian team are highly dissatisfied by the selfish and careless behavior of Indian officials. A wheelchair athlete cannot fulfill all of his basic needs by himself. That’s why Olympic committee gives the opportunity for escorts in the village. But Indian officials, without caring about the game or athletes are comforting in the village.

Farman Basha, an Indian wheelchair powerlifter won bronze medal at the Guangzhou Asian Games last year have finished fifth of this year’s Paralympic. 168kg is the best she can do but in this competition she only did 150kg. Without fulfilling basic needs how can they win or performing she was wondering.

Paralympic Committee of India submitted 10 special athletes, five escorts and six coaches in 2012 Paralympic team list. But it’s a real disgrace only two of five escorts have got the daily entry passes in the Olympic village. Performers are claiming they couldn’t even try to do their best in the competition. Sharath M Gayakwad finished ninth in 100m butterfly event didn’t get his coach John Christopher by his side.

Paralympic games are organized to show respect to the special athletes and let their heads lift high. This disrespectful did from Indian Paralympic Committee officials have ruined the main goal of whole thing. Though Indian Sport is never devoid from controversies but to these special athletes, it’s a real shame for Indian officials, stuffs and management system.

Best Five US Athletes in London Olympic 2012

1. Michele Phelps (Swimmer):
In 2008 Beijing Olympic, Phelps won eight gold metals with his amazing performance ever, however, he won four gold and silver medals in the London Olympic, more than any other. Phelps now holds 22 medals over three Olympics – 18 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze – more than any other in the history of Olympic. Without a doubt, he is the best Olympian ever. There is no argument with that.

2. Ashton Eaton (Decathlon):
Many say the Olympic decathlon gold medalist is the world’s greatest athlete as the athlete had to rival in 10 events to achieve it. Ashton Eaton took it one step further dominating nearly every event during the way to the Gold Medal. He beat his fellow American Trey Hardee by 198 points and also broke his own world record.

3. Women’s Soccer:
The women’s soccer team of United States had a bad experience in the last year’s World Cup as they finished up taking the second place. They rebounded and took revenge on Japan by beating them with 2-1. The Goal keeper made an incredible save which secured the victory. They had a dramatic win over Canada: 4-3.

4. David Boudia (diver):
Winning the gold medal was not expected from the US driver David Boudia so it was a great surprise for American. In addition, US won this gold medal for this category after a long time. The last medal was won by Greg Louganis in the year of 1988. In the 10-meter platform, favorite was world champion Qiu Bo, however, Boudia won easily and it was his second medal in the London Olympic.

5. Allison Schmitt (swimmer):
Allison who won bronze in her debut in Beijing won five medals in London, including 3 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze. She made world record in the 200 meter freestyle.

Kamloops Sports Council: Friends, Neighbors, Advisers for Local Athletes

City of Kamloops is one of the best touring places for sports lovers. Every year, thousands of visitors visit this city of Canada for sports and athletics. Kamloops is really preferable for hosting sports event or tournaments. For supporting local sports groups and placed them with the important government personals Kamloops city features a sports council known as Kamloops Sports Council. To inform about latest news and user group issues, city appoints a staff person in this council.

Kamloops Sports Council aims to involve the local sport community. Sports Council cordially develops new ways sports and enhances opportunity for local athletes. To participate in various tournaments Sports Council membership is needed. Kamloops city funds the Sports Council for the responsibility and encouragement to the upcoming athletes.

For best output Kamloops Sports Council runs on several rules and plays important role on:

• Sports Council organizes various sports events and tournaments for the benefit of greater Kamloops area. To support competitive and recreation sports in Kamloops, KSC provides every assistance needed along with organizing the events.
• To maintain and support local athletes achieving their goals Sports Council works on informing, coordinating and advising with various levels of provincial, national and other governments personals.
• Kamloops City Sports Council provides a forum for discussing on various sports related topics.
• Sports Council plays important role on maintaining relationship between members or individuals on competitive and recreational sports groups.
• KSC sustains a role as an advocate groups within Kamloops and gets involve in competitive and recreations sports pursuits.

Kamloops City Sports Council always works on local athlete’s development and improvement. On 2nd Tuesday of every month a general meeting takes place in City Hall Public Boardroom to discuss about upcoming work strategy, ways things going and future plans.