General Rules

Competitions are held on the basis of the IAAF/WMA regulations, subject to any special rules laid down by WMA in the invitation. The representatives appointed by the WMA have the right during the championships to disqualify competitors who, against the rules of IAAF/WMA, are using any forbidden resources, for example “aiding” other competitors. Safety judges will be present during the championships to react in situations where competitor’s participation will delay the progress of an event unduly or it will endanger their own health or safety or that of others. When a competitor in the opinion of the judges is lacking the necessary skill, technique or fitness to participate safely in the event, they shall have the authority to require the athlete to discontinue an event and to leave the competition area.

Age Groups

The WMA championships are open only to the athletes in the following age classes.
M & W – 35
M & W – 40
M & W – 45
M & W – 50
M & W – 55
M & W – 60
M & W – 65
M & W – 70
M & W – 75
M & W – 80
M & W – 85
M & W – 90
M & W – 95
M & W – 100+